6:19-24 | Treasure in Heaven

6:19-24 | Treasure in Heaven - Morgan Bradley


Shifting Away from Earthly Treasures

  1. Strive for God's reward

    1. When we practice our righteousness to be seen by men, we forfeit God's reward

    2. If we are going after earthly treasures, it's all we will ever get

  2. What are we committing our hearts to?

    1. The problem is not having personal possessions, but laying up treasures

    2. We need to think about what we value above all else

    3. Are we seeking for the rewards of this life, or from God?


Pitfalls of Earthly Treasures

Temporary in Nature

  1. We think that many of our possessions are forever

    1. Catastrophes are rare

    2. Even when they do occur we have a solid safety net

    3. We have fooled ourselves into a false sense of security

  2. The ancients were very aware of how temporary things were

    1. Houses were literally broken into by tearing down walls

    2. Famines and poor harvests were felt by everyone

    3. Foreign nations could invade at any moment and carry you away captive

  3. We are in just a precarious position

    1. Vilonia's been hit twice by tornadoes

    2. 2008 financial crisis

    3. The Enron scandal

  4. We ourselves are temporary in nature | Luke 12:13-20

    1. This man assumed his own long lasting

    2. You could just be shot and have everything taken away from you

    3. Of what use will any of our earthly possessions be?

It Cannot Satisfy

  1. There is no upper limit on what we want to possess | Ecclesiastes 5:10; 6:7

    1. Why haven't all the billionaires retired?

  2. At most, it gives us a temporary high

    1. What was once so satisfying has become dull and uninteresting

    2. We get distracted by the newest and shiniest toy

It Will Cost Us Everything

  1. We have just been warned about pursuing the treasures of earth | Matt. 6:1

    1. Our earthly treasures are poor substitutes for God's reward

    2. This is their reward in full - nothing else is granted

  2. When we pursue temporary things that give no satisfaction, it is no wonder why we are left disappointed

    1. We are sacrificing the eternal for things that will perish

    2. We are seeking real meaning when it isn't found in material objects


Laying Up Treasures in Heaven

  1. How do I make a deposit in my heavenly account?

    1. Committing fully to Christ | Matt. 19:16-22

  2. Focus on things eternal

    1. What are things that can be brought into the next life?

    2. We are to strive for obedience, justification, and righteousness

  3. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

    1. We must dwell on God and his righteousness

    2. What are the things we are passionate about?

    3. Will our heart live eternally in heaven, or pass away with this world?


The Lamp of the Body

  1. A simple illustration - our eyes affect our bodies

    1. A healthy eye that looks to God will fill us with light

    2. An evil or unhealthy eye will fill us with darkness

The World's Attraction

  1. We are bombarded by advertisements

    1. The billboards on Hwy 64

    2. They deceive us | Food advertisements

    3. They try to convince you that they can make you happier

  2. Social media

    1. We feel compelled to constantly compare our lives to the people around us

    2. We only see their highlight reel while we're stuck with our own behind-the-scenes

    3. We are in constant competition with our neighbor | Ecclesiastes 4:4

  3. These messages constantly tell us to lay up treasures on earth

    1. We consistently fall for it

    2. We want to lay hold of more, rather than laying hold of Jesus

Keeping a Healthy Eye

  1. Be careful with what you look at

    1. It's a reflection of what we want

    2. It influences what we want

  2. We must avoid "window-shopping" in life

    1. The more we look the more apt we are to practice

    2. This is why Jesus says adultery begins in the heart

    3. It is better for us to remove our eye than continue to desire evil

  3. Keep an eye on your eyes

    1. Be aware of what your shows and ads are telling you

    2. When we aren't looking at God, we forget him | Deut. 4:9

    3. Keep your eyes on Christ | Hebrews 12:2


We Cannot Serve Two Masters

  1. We can only give our hearts to God or the world, not both

    1. Our love of one will lead to our hatred of the other

    2. The world would have us reject Christ

    3. Christ tells us to deny ourselves and the world, and follow him

  2. Who is your master?

    1. Possessions won't die for you. They'll die with you.

    2. The eternal Christ who will give you true satisfaction