6:25-34 | Anxiety

6:25-34 | Anxiety - Morgan Bradley


  1. We all have dealt with anxiety

    1. The feeling of not having control and worrying about the future

    2. Sometimes that anxiety is warranted, other times not at all

  2. Why Jesus brings up anxiety

    1. He has just told us to reject the things of this world

    2. Constant worry is another form of materialism

      1. We are devoted to them | 6:24

    3. We must reject the earthly treasures in both action and thought

  3. At the heart of this lessons is an appeal to put God above everything

    1. Life is more than survival | 6:25

    2. We are told to seek him first and then all these things will be added to us  | 6:33

  4. Structure of the lesson

    1. Lessons from nature

    2. The utility of anxiety

    3. The proper mindset - Seeking the Kingdom


Lessons From Nature

  1. Study the birds

    1. They don't have our advantages

    2. God provides for them every day

  2. The flowers

    1. They literally do nothing and God decks them out

    2. They have no purpose but to be burned in the oven

    3. God made them more magnificent than Solomon in all his riches

  3. God provides for his creation | Psalm 104:10-15

    1. God did not abandon his creation to starvation and decay

    2. Mankind is included in his provision

  4. How much more will he provide for us?

    1. As the height of God's creation we should expect him to take care of us

    2. So much of our anxiety is just irrational

  5. God knows we need these things | 32

    1. We don't need to throw a tantrum to get his attention

    2. He knows what we need before we ask him | 6:8


Utility of Anxiety

  1. Anxiety does not provide for us | 27

    1. Some people get mad when you're not anxious

    2. God's the one in charge of your life span. Your worrying has no effect on it

    3. Anxiety has never fixed a problem or put food on the table

  2. Israel lacked faith in gathering manna | Exodus 16:19-28

    1. They gathered more than a day at a time and on the Sabbath

    2. They didn't trust that God would provide for them again

    3. Instead of seeking God's will to not gather, they were led astray by their anxiety

  3. Anxiety demonstrates our lack of faith in God's providence

    1. "Worry is practical atheism"  - Robert Mounce

    2. We aren't denying Gods existence, we are denying his love and care for us

    3. Poem

  4. Remember that he is our father

    1. We need to cast our cares on him | Hebrews 13:5

    2. He knows what you need, and is happy to give it

    3. A father who cares enough to feed the dog will feed his children


Seek First the Kingdom of God

  1. Finding the kingdom of God is winning life

    1. Take away all the comforts of life, but keep God, and you've won

    2. Everything else is a distraction taking us away from the goal

  2. All these things will be added to you

    1. One of the lessons of Haggai

    2. We aren't guaranteed many of the luxuries of life

  3. He provides through his church

    1. By joining ourselves to his kingdom we have a support network

    2. Charity in the early church

  4. This must be our priority

    1. We have rejected the things of this world. Why are we so concerned about no longer having them?

    2. Constantly worrying about losing our possessions is just as materialistic as constantly accumulating them



  1. Take life's anxieties one day at a time

    1. The bird is only focused on today. We should worry about tomorrow problems tomorrow

    2. The plant can't do anything to stop from being thrown into the fire. We need to accept that there is much in life that we will never control

  2. Troubles are sure to come tomorrow

    1. Let's take care of that tomorrow

    2. Any trouble that comes our way will be met by God