5:2-12 | Beatitudes

5:2-12 | Beatitudes - Morgan Bradley


  1. A tricky word to pin down

    1. Many words are too broad in their definition

    2. Others are too narrow

  2. Those who are praised for being in, or arriving at, a good situation

    1. Lucky, but with God instead of luck

    2. Happy without always feeling happy

    3. Congratulations, but something much more profound


Marks of a Kingdom Citizen

  1. Poor in spirit

    1. OT poor were people those who could rely on nothing and no one but God

    2. Someone who knows their desperate need for a savior

      1. Pharisee and Publican | Luke 18:9-14

      2. The sinners came to Jesus, not the self-righteous

      3. Rev. 3:17

    3. Those who look to Jesus for salvation will enter into the kingdom he announces

  2. Those who mourn

    1. There are lots of reasons to mourn

    2. This is the broken and contrite heart of Psalm 51 | Acknowledges and feels the sin

      1. Psalm 119:136 | My eyes shed streams of tears because people do not keep you law

      2. Phil 3:18 | Paul told them, with tears, of false teachers

      3. We ought to mourn over our own sinful state

    3. Joy will overcome that sin through salvation | Is. 61:1 - Bind the brokenhearted

  3. The meek

    1. A spirit of gentleness, not concerned for itself

      1. Because of our total dependence on God

      2. We see ourselves as poor in spirit and mournful

      3. We have no honest way of aggrandizing ourselves

    2. We cannot be bullies or defensive

      1. It is not our way or the highway

      2. We roll with the punches

    3. Meekness requires honesty

      1. One thing to admit our faults to God

      2. Difficult to live it out in front of others

    4. They shall inherit the earth

      1. Psalm 37:1-4; 10-13

      2. It won't go to the bullies

  4. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

    1. What is it that we crave? | John 4:34

    2. His word is the only thing that does satisfy | Isaiah 55:1-2

      1. A Christian requires patience

      2. We will let God bring satisfaction

  5. The merciful

    1. One of God's key characteristics | Exodus 34:6

    2. One of the world's rarest features

      1. We sympathize with vengeful protagonists | John Wick 77

      2. We like to get even, or ahead

    3. A characteristic he expects us to demonstrate | Parable of the unforgiving servant | Matt. 7:1-2

  6. The Pure in heart

    1. A purity deeper than ritual purity

    2. A singular devotion to God unstained by the world

    3. They are the ones who will see God | Psalm 24:3-6

  7. Peacemakers

    1. To be called sons of God, just like Jesus did and is

    2. Ephesians 2:11-17


These Are What Make Us Salt and Light | Matthew 5:13-16

  1. We make the world more palatable

    1. We do so by behaving in these ways

    2. We can't be afraid of being to salty

  2. We were meant to shine

    1. God has us here for a purpose

    2. We are the light that shines on those in darkness

  3. All for the glorification of God

    1. Never for our own satisfaction

    2. Not for our own gain


Why We Don't Shine | Matthew 5:10-11

  1. We're afraid of persecution

    1. Persecutions will come

    2. More uncomfortable than persecuted

  2. It's not about the present rewards

    1. We must always focus on what we are striving for

    2. We receive the blessings in full after this life