5:27-30 | Lust

5:27-30 | Lust - Morgan Bradley

God Wants Faithfulness in a Marriage

  1. Since the beginning God has established an incredible bond between man and wife | Genesis 2:23-24

    1. This at last! | She was supreme above all other beings

    2. She was literally and figuratively his bone and flesh

    3. A man would leave all bonds to treasure her above all else

    4. They would be "glued together'

    5. This is a helper fit for man | vs. 18

  2. Adultery destroys a marriage

    1. "What God has joined, let not man separate." | Matthew 19:6

    2. You are destroying a sacred bond that God has made | 1 Corinthians 6:16

    3. It is the only justifiable reason for divorce

    4. Adultery was punishable by death


Do Not Lust

  1. A lustful look is just as serious as committing the act

    1. Do we want a spouse who will never cheat on us but always tells us they do?

    2. The act of adultery is an expression of the desires of our heart

    3. It betrays the intimacy and trust of a marriage

  2. Lustful looks are the first steps in adultery

    1. We need to be careful with what we're looking at | Job 31:1-10

    2. It starts with a look

    3. Looks turn into desires, and actions | James 1:14-15

  3. The example of David | 2 Samuel 11:1-4

    1. It just happens to be, but David lingered on it

    2. He let the desires of his heart run wild

    3. If we do not control the desires of our heart, how will we control our actions?


The Solution

Radical Surgery

  1. Remove you right eye or your right hand

    1. Both are of extreme value

    2. It is better to lose one member than your whole body

  2. We should take extreme measures in avoiding sin

    1. We must remove certain people

    2. We must remove ourselves from certain places | Proverbs 7:6-9

    3. We need to put our sins to death | Colossians 3:5-6


Guarding the Heart

  1. In both of these sections God speaks about the heart

    1. It is where our sin comes from | Matthew 15:18-20

  2. We must do everything we can to guard our hearts

    1. We will only do so with God's word | Psalm 119:9-16

    2. We cannot leave room for our desires

    3. We must fix ourselves on his law entirely