5:13-16 | Salt and Light

5:13-16 | Salt and Light - Morgan Bradley

The Influence of a Christian


  1. Salt has many purposes, so there are many interpretations

    1. Preserved foods | We preserve society

      1. Sodom and Gomorrah | Gen. 18:23-26, 32

    2. Stopped infections | We stop the spreading of sin

      1. By bringing people to Jesus

      2. By showing them the error of their ways

    3. Taste | We make the world better

  2. Jesus focuses specifically in on taste

    1. We are to make life better

    2. Better friends and spouses

    3. Better givers and prayers

    4. Focusing on better things of life without being distracted by the treasures of this world

    5. Better at showing mercy

    6. We need to live life in a way that causes men to thirst for God

  3. To lose our salt is to be worthless

    1. We lose our salt by being mixed in with impurities

    2. If we are not improving the world, than what are we doing with our lives?

  4. Can we be too salty?

    1. No. Jesus is only concerned about us losing our taste

    2. We lose our taste by mixing in with the rest of the world

  5. Salt is only useful when thrown in the dish

    1. We do no one any good by hiding in the pantry

    2. We will only be the salt when we are a known and felt presence in the world



  1. We've already explored the image of light

    1. His is a kingdom of light

    2. He came to show people a way out of their darkness

    3. Jesus is that light | John 8:12

  2. We have been given the same task Jesus has

    1. Isaiah 49:6-9

    2. 2 Corinthians 5:20-6:2

    3. People may not open the bible, but they will see and hear us

    4. You may be the only bit of God's word that anyone gets in their life

  3. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden

    1. You could see Tucson even in the valley

    2. Do people see our collective lights?

    3. Does Conway even see the Christians within in?

  4. Light is meant to be seen

    1. We were meant to shine

    2. We should never hide ourselves from the world


In Order To Show God

  1. We are to never make it about us

    1. God gives us taste

    2. His light shines through us

  2. We are showing the world a better way

    1. See how God has made my life better

    2. See how God has brought me out of the darkness

  3. A strong evangelistic tool

    1. If people don't see the difference in us, they will never see the point of Christianity


Why We Don't Shine | 5:10-12

  1. We're afraid of what might happen to us

    1. So we hide the salt

    2. We cover up the lamp

    3. God no longer shines through us

  2. People will persecute us

    1. Today that just means being uncomfortable

    2. We should never be so concerned about ourselves that we stop shining

    3. There are good fears and bad fears to have