5:21-26 | Anger

5:21-26 | Anger - Morgan Bradley

You Shall Not Murder

  1. God wants us to respect life

    1. No. 6 of the Ten Commandments | Exodus 20:13

    2. We were made in the image of God | Genesis 9:5-6

    3. To be a murderer was to put yourself to death

  2. A command that is kept no problem by the vast majority of people

    1. It's a command everyone is in agreement with

    2. We can all feel good about ourselves for not being murderers


You Shall Not Be Angry

  1. A much more difficult command to keep

    1. We live in a very angry world - it's contagious

    2. We think that being angry means we care

    3. We feel justified in being angry

      1. We get angry when we take a stand against whatever threat or pain is affecting us

      2. Something made me angry

  2. We must be careful with our anger

    1. Angry and insulting language is worthy of judgement and hell fire

    2. We see a sort of progression in punishment

    3. Literally the fire of Gehenna

      1. Place associated with Molech and child sacrifice

      2. Traditionally held to have become a dumping ground of trash and corpses to be burned

  3. Is Jesus forbidding all forms of anger?

    1. No, though it is a good question to ask

    2. Jesus himself uses the very same words he condemns in reference to the Pharisees | 23:17

    3. Ephesians 4:25-26 | We should be angry at times!

      1. But do not sin

      2. Don't nurse it

      3. Give no opportunity to the devil | James 1:20

    4. Jesus is speaking of the hateful anger that tears apart and kills relationships between Christian brothers

  4. Having the heart of a murderer

    1. It is the first step in murder

    2. Cain was angry before he murdered Abel | Genesis 4:5, 8

    3. Whoever hates his brother is a murderer | 1 John 3:11-15

    4. Amos 1:11

    5. Ezekiel 35:5

  5. Anger of this type is forbidden in all expressions

    1. Jesus' examples of an angry and hateful brother are extremely tame

    2. Just because our anger isn't expressed in actions and curse words, doesn’t mean it's any less sinful, no matter how innocently expressed.

      1. E.g. we hide our anger behind 'family friendly' insults. Cursing is a sin but I can you a jerk, dummy, moron, idiot,


Dealing With Those Who Are Angry With Us

  1. If a brother has something against you…

    1. Our anger can easily breed more anger

    2. We need to learn how to deal with it in others as well

    3. Blessed are the peacemakers

  2. Getting reconciliation is of utmost importance

    1. Our worship is useless untill we have reconciled | 1 John 4:19-21

      1. Our worship doesn't fix the issue

      2. Can we come to God for forgiveness if we never try and find it in others?

    2. There is no excuse as to how far away or how long ago the issue is

  3. In order to reconcile we must have humility and courage

    1. Apologizing is never a fun thing

    2. We don't like admitting when we're wrong

  4. There are consequences for not reconciling

    1. Thrown in jail

    2. Will Jesus be our accuser in the last day, or will we have reconciled?

  5. We must show persistence

    1. Even while on the way to the court we are still looking to reconcile the relationship

    2. It's not too late to reconcile

    3. If there is no opportunity, then make one



  1. God has every reason to be angry at us

    1. We have broken his covenant

    2. We are a constant source of disappointment

    3. We are deserving of his wrath

  2. Yet God chooses to reconcile us to him

    1. We need to be like God in our relationships with others