4:12-17 | A Light Has Dawned

4:12-17 | A Light Has Dawned - Morgan Bradley

Using the Old Testament to Illustrate Jesus

  1. Offspring of Abraham

  2. Offspring of David

  3. The Son of God

  4. Deuteronomy quotations during the temptation


One Last Quotation

  1. Already confirmed Jesus is the king

  2. Now looking at what kind of king he is going to be

  3. What his kingdom will accomplish


Matthew 4:12-17

  1. Jesus begins his ministry in earnest

    1. John is arrested and his job is done

    2. The path has been prepared and now Jesus begins to preach

    3. He starts up North in Capernaum

  2. Isaiah's Quotation

    1. Easy to take at face value

    2. Only a geographic concern

    3. Jesus is a great light and is starting in this area. Got it.

    4. We need to understand its fuller context


Isaiah 9:1-7

Original Context

  1. Isaiah is preaching during very anxious times

    1. Ahaz is a wicked king

    2. Northern Israel and Syria are against Southern Judah

    3. Ahaz has made himself a servant to Assyria

    4. Assyria is moving against the Northern tribes and sweeping down towards the capital, Samaria

    5. Zebulun and Naphtali were the first to be carried away captive

    6. Isaiah speaks of redemption for these people


The Kingdom is going to renew

  1. Zebulun and Naphtali had been devastated at this time

    1. Assyria was God's punishment on Northern Israel

    2. They felt the worst of the invasion

    3. The first to be carried away by Assyria

    4. All they have now is what's described in Is. 8:21-22

  2. Isaiah looks ahead with prophetic certainty though

    1. A time without gloom

    2. A time where glory will replace their shame

    3. A time where light will replace the darkness


Let There Be Light

  1. Have you ever been lost in the dark?

    1. Oregon caves shutting off the lights

    2. How long untill the panic sets in?

    3. Stories of early cave explorers being lost

  2. Darkness is never a good thing in the bible

    1. Hell is described as an outer darkness

    2. Darkness is a place of sin, doubt, and anxiety

    3. That is where the world is

  3. Jesus came to clear all of that up | John 8:12

    1. Reactions of people when the cave lights come back on

    2. We don't live in a state of anxiety and confusion anymore

    3. We have security and assurance. We know where we're going

  4. He has multiplied the nation

    1. People are drawn to the light

    2. People become the light - We are the light of the world

    3. Are we shining on those around us in darkness?


And Now There is Joy

  1. No gloom for her who was in anguish

    1. He's taking away the contempt

    2. He's now making everything glorious

  2. As with joy at harvest and dividing the spoil

    1. They're not hungry as in 8:21

    2. There's no distress

    3. They are bringing in a bounty from the earth and from their enemies


The Basis of That Joy

  1. The rod of the oppressor is broken

    1. Israel hid in caves out of fear from Midian

    2. They were brought low (lit. made small)

  2. That's what oppressors do

    1. They frighten us

    2. They make us feel weak and insignificant

    3. Oppressors take many forms

  3. He's broken that yoke

    1. He's giving you his yoke | Matt. 11:28-30

    2. He's not going to drive you into the caves or make you small

  4. He has burned the tools of the oppressor

    1. Their trampling boots are thrown in the fire

    2. The garments covered in blood are used as fuel

    3. The implements of war are done with

    4. We can come out the darkness into safety


How the Victory Came

For to Us a Child is Born

  1. Multiple names

    1. Wonderful Counselor | Supernatural wisdom

    2. Mighty God | Military Prowess/Warrior strength

    3. Everlasting Father | Concern for the poor and lowly

    4. Prince of Peace | End of warfare - Free of anxiety

  2. The world is in short supply of good leaders

    1. There are those who are wise, but not mighty

    2. There are the mighty and unwise

    3. Even if we do get a good leader, power will eventually pass to others

  3. Unending increase and peace

    1. Nothing can come and threaten this kingdom

    2. Nothing will check its progress

    3. It will only grow, and nothing will upset it - evangelism


The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

  1. This is the kingdom Jesus is inviting us to

    1. Light

    2. Glorification

    3. Joy

    4. Liberty

    5. Peace

    6. Without end

  2. The kingdom is at hand