3:13-4:11 | God's Beloved Son

3:13-4:11 | God's Beloved Son - Morgan Bradley

Christ's Identity | 3:13-17

The Son of God

  1. Not the son of Joseph

    1. 1:16 | Joseph is just the husband of Mary

    2. 2:13 | Take the child, not your son

    3. 2:20 | Child, not son

  2. The Son of God

    1. 1:1 | Son of David, son of Abraham

    2. 2:15 | Out of Egypt I called my son

    3. 3:17 | This is my son


No Doubt About Christ's Identity

  1. The genealogy

    1. The promised son of Abraham and then of David

    2. A very specific lineage

  2. The fulfillment of prophecy

    1. Virgin birth

    2. Coming out of Egypt

    3. Raised in Nazarene

  3. Now singled out by God himself

    1. You couldn't possibly doubt this anymore


Who the Son is | Old Testament Allusions in vs. 17

Servant of God | Isaiah 42:1-9

  1. Entirely dependent on God

    1. God upholds him

    2. He is sustained by God

    3. Without God he is powerless

  2. God's spirit is upon him

    1. Seen in his baptism

    2. Drives and empowers him in his ministry

  3. He is humble

    1. Not crying out for attention

    2. Instead will focus the attention on the master

  4. He is gentle

    1. Will not break and cast aside the weak and useless reed

    2. Will not snuff out the useless and small flame

    3. He will have a respect for the lowest in life


Lord of All Nations | 2nd Psalm

  1. Despite his nature as a servant he will be exalted

    1. Because of his faithfulness

    2. Due to his obedience to God

    3. Because of what he accomplishes in service to his master

  2. All nations will bow down to him

    1. We are warned to bow down and pay homage or be dashed to pieces

    2. His wrath s upon those who do not


Christ's Identity Challenged | 4:1-11

Testing the Son of God

  1. Testing if Jesus will be Messiah God wants him to be

    1. Testing is a better translation than tempting

    2. "Tempter" is a verb - the testing

    3. Will you be a servant relying only on God, not proclaiming yourself, and serve God alone?

  2. Takes form in three tests

    1. Turning stones to bread

    2. Throwing himself from the temple pinnacle

    3. Bowing down to Satan

  3. Jesus fights back with scripture

    1. Deut. 8:3 ; 6:16; 6:13

    2. Jesus is quoting from a specific block of scripture | Deut. 6-8


Stone to Bread

  1. A testing of Jesus' trust in God

    1. Many teach it is the temptation to feed people in order to attract them to his ministry

      1. The temptation is to feed himself, not others

      2. Jesus feeds well over 9,000 people out of compassion

    2. Jesus has been fasting for 40 days and is obviously hungry

    3. Will you depend on God or on yourself?

  2. Deut. 8:3 in context

    1. Israel hungered and was fed in God's time

    2. So that they might learn to depend on God

    3. Prioritize God over our own self-gratification

  3. Jesus' hunger was a spirit driven event

    1. To feed himself, despite his clear ability to do so, would violate God's priorities

    2. As God's son, Jesus must trust in God's word despite the challenges



  1. We must prioritize God's will

  2. Jesus prioritized it to the point of death

  3. God's word needs to be held above everything in this life


Throw Yourself Down

  1. Satan throws scripture right back at Jesus | Psalm 91:11-12

    1. This is how God protects his people. How much more his son?

    2. You're God's son? Make him prove it

  2. Jesus' Counter | Deut. 6:16

    1. He does not dispute the scripture, just Satan's application of it

    2. To follow Satan would be to test God

    3. Testing shows a lack of faith in the relationship

    4. The temptation is to doubt in God's protection



  1. True faith doesn't test God, it trusts God

  2. We cannot keep asking God to prove himself to us, he already has

  3. To test God is to forget everything he has done for us already


A Question of Allegiance

  1. Worship me and I will give you everything

    1. Jesus had already been promised everything

    2. He would only get there through suffering on the cross

    3. Satan offers an alternative - take the easy way

  2. Total allegiance to God | Deut. 6:13

    1. Jesus will follow God no matter what road is taken

    2. To forsake God is to lose everything



Jesus Confirms His Own Identity

  1. Jesus plays the part that has been given to him

    1. By being the suffering servant I Isaiah

    2. By relying solely on God

    3. By not doubting in anything towards God

  2. All of this was apparent to Paul | Philippians 2:5-11

    1. He did not hoard his divinity jealously for himself

    2. He submitted to God alone to the point of death

    3. He let God be the one who exalted him