1:1-25 | Genealogy of Jesus the Christ

1:1-25 | Genealogy of Jesus the Christ - Morgan Bradley


Why a Genealogy?

  1. Introducing Jesus with a genealogy

    1. Makes no sense to us

    2. Dad picking up a bible for the first time

    3. The book might as well start at 1:18

  2. This genealogy has a purpose

    1. Matthew deliberately chose to introduce Jesus this way

    2. This is how we are introduced into the New Testament

    3. The genealogy gives us the background on Jesus and helps us to understand his story

  3. Unique Features of the Genealogy

    1. Not making a list for the sake of record keeping

    2. Arranged in 3 groupings of 14

    3. The inclusion of four gentile women

    4. Emphasis on David and Abraham


Jesus is the completion of the Old Testament

All Scripture Leads to Jesus

  1. Genealogies bridge together important points within the bible

    1. Adam to Noah in Genesis 5

    2. Noah to Abraham in Genesis 11

    3. Patriarchs to Moses in Exodus 6

    4. David in Ruth 4

    1. Matthew's genealogy is another leap forward to a big event

  2. Matthew took time to shape this genealogy

    1. This is not a complete record of every person in Jesus' family tree

      1. Ahaziah, Joash, and Amaziah are missing in vs. 8 between Joram and Uzziah

    2. He has arranged it in three distinct periods of 14 generations | Vs. 17

      1. Abraham to David

      2. David to exile

      3. Exile to Jesus

    3. Guiding us through Israel's history and highlighting important parts

    4. Ends with Jesus - This is the beginning of something new

  3. Everything that God has done has lead up to Jesus

    1. We see the problem of sin in Genesis 3

    2. We see the beginning of the solution in Genesis 12

    3. We see it all accomplished in Jesus

  4. If we don't understand the OT we won't understand what Jesus meant

    1. We read the bible differently from other books and wonder why we don't understand

    2. Paul in Acts 13 and Stephen in Acts 7 tell the story leading up to Jesus

    3. Matthew is tying Jesus to the story of the OT


The Emphasis on David and Abraham

The Half-Fulfilled Promises

  1. Matthew is directing our attention to two key events in Israel's history

    1. Both were promised a son

    2. Through Abraham's offspring all nations would be blessed

    3. Through David's offspring God would establish his kingdom

  2. The Promise to Abraham | Genesis 12:1-3

    1. Emphasis on all nations being blessed through Abraham's offspring

      1. From Abraham came Joseph

      2. Fulfilled on one level in Gen. 41:57

    2. Israel is more like a plague to the other nations

  3. The Promise to David | 2 Samuel 7:12-16

    1. Solomon had a kingdom like no other

    2. He built a house for God

    3. But Solomon's kingdom split apart and the temple was destroyed


Fulfillment In Jesus

  1. Jesus was the true promised offspring to Abraham | Galatians 3:16

    1. It was through his death that all nations were blessed | Galatians 3:8-9

    2. Only by having faith in his name do we receive the promised blessing

  2. Jesus is the true king of Israel

    1. He built his temple - the church | Matthew 16:18

    2. He is lord above all things | Ephesians 1:20-23

  3. Matthew portrays Jesus as the fulfillment of everything God has promised

    1. This is the promised son of David

    2. This is the promised son of Abraham

    3. Emphasized with other fulfillments

      1. 1:22

      2. 2:15

      3. 2:17

      4. 2:23

      5. 3:15


New Light on His Birth

Matthew 1:18-25

  1. God did everything he did to save us from our sins

    1. He had our salvation in mind from the beginning

    2. He called out Abraham

    3. He created Israel

    4. He sent and brought back from captivity

    5. God will do anything to bring us back to him

  2. We can trust in his promises

    1. Everything God promises gets fulfilled

    2. We can trust that he is still working in our lives to bring us to heaven



  1. A Jew would have been very excited to read this book

    1. This is everything God has been preparing

    2. This is the final step in God's plan

  2. We should be just as excited

    1. We see the whole plan revealed

    2. We see how Jesus saves us from our sins